BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterThe LRL project is abandonedSamuel Lidén Borell3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2021-12-05The LRL project is abandonedHEADmasterSamuel Lidén Borell2-5/+3
2021-01-02minicg backend: Add ID and loader filename for aarch64Samuel Lidén Borell1-2/+10
2020-08-16C backend: Use POSIX __assert_fail for assertions and include function nameSamuel Lidén Borell1-7/+38
2020-08-16Add "char" typeSamuel Lidén Borell19-90/+123
2020-08-16Fix types and compilation warning on 32-bit ARM and x86Samuel Lidén Borell3-1/+25
2020-07-17Constexpr: Implement integer multiplicationSamuel Lidén Borell4-5/+169
2020-07-17C backend: Fix translation of complex enumsSamuel Lidén Borell3-3/+35
2020-07-17C backend: Add tests of runtime expressions. Fix anon and stmt typedef enumsSamuel Lidén Borell5-1/+472
2020-07-16Constexpr: Implement wrap-around for system-independent "wu*" typesSamuel Lidén Borell3-26/+156
2020-07-16Constexpr: Implement struct, array and enum comparison. Add test and fix bugsSamuel Lidén Borell3-9/+440