AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2024-06-02Notes: Usability, references, numeric types / comparisons, etc.HEADmainSamuel Lidén Borell9-1/+671
2024-06-02Don't use ref types for function referencesSamuel Lidén Borell26-399/+694
2024-05-26ir: Fix jump into wrong EBB after loopemptySamuel Lidén Borell4-203/+262
2024-05-26testexec: Call tests in typecompat.slul from mainSamuel Lidén Borell3-0/+27
2024-05-26testexec: Call tests in statements.slul from mainSamuel Lidén Borell3-28/+79
2024-05-26testexec: Call tests in return.slul from mainSamuel Lidén Borell3-0/+521
2024-05-26testexec: Call tests in generics.slul from main (disabled for now)Samuel Lidén Borell3-0/+22
2024-05-26testexec: Call tests in for_funccalls.slul from main. Fix endless loopsSamuel Lidén Borell3-95/+242
2024-05-26testexec: Call tests in for_loops.slul from main (disabled for now)Samuel Lidén Borell3-2/+23
2024-05-26testexec: Call tests in definedness.slul from mainSamuel Lidén Borell3-0/+789
2024-05-26testexec: Fix missing var qualfiers in definedness.slulSamuel Lidén Borell2-32/+32
2024-05-25testexec: Add assertions in constexpr.slul and call from mainSamuel Lidén Borell3-0/+35
2024-05-25testexec: Call tests in expressions.slul from main. Add assertionsSamuel Lidén Borell3-11/+161
2024-05-25testexec: Fix typo in test "expr_backend_optimize"Samuel Lidén Borell2-3/+3
2024-05-25testexec: Fix test expr_arraysSamuel Lidén Borell2-2/+14
2024-05-25aarch64: Fix type bug in CONDTRAPSamuel Lidén Borell1-1/+2
2024-05-25Backend: Fix incorrect addresses of stack variablesSamuel Lidén Borell2-5/+6
2024-05-25aarch64: Fix clobbering of temporary regsSamuel Lidén Borell1-15/+22
2024-05-25testexec: Fix negative value in byte field (unsigned)Samuel Lidén Borell2-3/+3
2024-05-25aarch64: Fix silent truncation of 12-16 bit immediatesSamuel Lidén Borell1-4/+4
2024-05-25Backend: Fix offset of aligned struct fieldsSamuel Lidén Borell1-1/+2
2024-05-25ir: Fix array index offset calculation with nested arraysSamuel Lidén Borell6-39/+123
2024-05-25testexec: Add/fix source-line commentsSamuel Lidén Borell1-3/+50
2024-05-25Backend: Check that CSBE_OPV_DISCARD flag is used correctlySamuel Lidén Borell1-0/+4
2024-05-25Backend: Preserve trapping (if needed) during IR peephole optimizationSamuel Lidén Borell1-7/+11
2024-05-25Backend: Also optimize arithmetic ops of mixed typesSamuel Lidén Borell3-20/+153
2024-05-25aarch64: Optimize out MADD for elemsize==1Samuel Lidén Borell1-6/+9
2024-05-25aarch64: Emit (inline unrolled) memcpy for large LOADGLOBALSamuel Lidén Borell3-11/+573
2024-05-24Backend: Check applicability/state of CSBE operationsSamuel Lidén Borell2-1/+67
2024-05-24Backend: Fix implicit return when last statement is not last EBBSamuel Lidén Borell5-0/+33
2024-05-23Parser: Fix under-allocation of temporariesSamuel Lidén Borell1-10/+12
2024-05-23Backend: Fix undersized bitfieldSamuel Lidén Borell2-17/+23
2024-05-22aarch64: Use emit_load_imm so large immed's get handled correctlySamuel Lidén Borell4-38/+133
2024-05-18Add Code of ConductSamuel Lidén Borell1-0/+50
2024-05-18Improve error message for cyclic typedefsSamuel Lidén Borell4-12/+14
2024-05-18Detect cyclic typesSamuel Lidén Borell6-30/+221
2024-05-14ir: Emit compile-time constant array/struct literals as datadefsSamuel Lidén Borell4-511/+538
2024-05-14Tests: Expand no-indentation testSamuel Lidén Borell1-9/+28
2024-05-13exprchk: Add none-ness check in deref exprsSamuel Lidén Borell4-8/+54
2024-05-12Tests: More tests of none-nessSamuel Lidén Borell3-2/+44
2024-05-12Fix possibly incorrect none-ness check in nested typesSamuel Lidén Borell2-2/+2
2024-05-12Check none-ness in implicit dereferencingSamuel Lidén Borell9-30/+90
2024-05-12Check return value of real_deref_tr in arraysSamuel Lidén Borell3-4/+5
2024-05-12Fix index operation on references to arraysSamuel Lidén Borell4-3/+55
2024-05-12Allow passing not-none values to non-optional refsSamuel Lidén Borell7-59/+102
2024-05-11testexec: Fix comment filteringSamuel Lidén Borell1-4/+4
2024-05-11Update copyright yearsSamuel Lidén Borell106-105/+130
2024-05-11exprchk: Fix potential null dereferenceSamuel Lidén Borell1-1/+1
2024-05-11Tracking of variable none-nessSamuel Lidén Borell10-17/+327
2024-05-11Tokenizer: Fix error on unindented variable definitionSamuel Lidén Borell3-0/+67